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  • 28 Grams Dr.Baked Lottery Deal: Super Lemon Haze (AAAA)



    Only One Winner! 100 Tickets to be Sold

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    The Lottery Expires On April 20, 2020 Time: 4:20 Vancouver Timing

    28 Grams Dr.Baked Lottery Deal: Super Lemon Haze (AAAA):

    Welcome to the lottery Rules:

    1- Only one Winner, Only Registered Users.

    2- Buy an Ounce and you will automatically receive a lottery ticket, to participate.

    3- Only 10 tickets available for each user. Lottery Starts on March 25th, 2021.

    4- The Lottery Expires On April 20, 2020 Time: 4:20 Vancouver Timing

    5- The announcement of the winner will be on April 21, 2020 Time: 4:20 Vancouver Timing. The winner you will see your invoice number on our homepage banner/slider. We will reach you to congrats you, and deliver your package!

    Ready to Join?

    The Winner will receive the following:

    1- A box made with love from The Feels Good.

    2- The Feel Goods: Healing Hearts CBD Jellies (500 mg of CBD)

    3- The Feel Goods: BUDDHA BEARS (250mg THC, 5 Pieces x50: Pineapple)

    4- The Feel Goods: LIT UP LEAVES (400mg THC, 4 Pieces x100: 1 of each flavour)

    5- The Feel Goods: SHOOTING STARS (150mg THC, 5 Pieces x30: 1 of each flavour)

    6- The Feel Goods: Flower Power Cannabis Infused Aromatherapy Salt Soak (200mg THC)

    7- The Feel Goods: 500mg CBD Oil drops (sugar free vanilla)

    8- Body, Bath & Massage Oil: Uplift & Unwind 400mg CBD


    What Is Super Lemon Haze?

    Super Lemon Haze, the name says it all. It’s a super-powered, lemon tasting Sativa strain that puts you in a haze of giggles and laughter.

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  • Dr.Baked: lubricant- 500mg CBD

    Dr.Baked: lubricant- 500 mg CBD

    Price : $60

    CBD is everywhere these days, including the bedroom. Yes, CBD lubes are a thing, and thank goodness they are because the mounting reviews have been astounding. Users experiencing discomfort, pain, dryness, or even anxiety have turned to CBD lube. This may be a touchy subject for some, so we’re here to help. We’re answering some of your basic questions.

    What are some of the benefits of CBD Lube?

    While there have been only limited studies regarding the benefits of CBD, results have been promising. People who have used CBD lube reported increased sensitivity and feelings of relaxation. This increased relaxation translated into a more pleasurable experience. Moreover, because CBD affects the endocannabinoid system and homeostasis, it can also potentially affect your sex drive. Users also report that CBD can help with pain associated with sex like vaginitis or vaginal tearing.

    Experience enhanced pleasure, relaxation, and arousal with CBD sexual lubricant. The moisturizing effect of our MCT oil blend, therapeutic full-spectrum CBD from hemp flower oil, and beneficial botanicals will elevate your sexual experience.

    Formulated with potent full-spectrum organic CBD. CBD may help relieve pain, decrease anxiety, increase relaxation, and reduce inflammation.

    Natural, oil-based.

    No preservatives, glycerin, or benzocaine.

    No petrochemicals like propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, and petroleum

    Indulge yourself in ultimate pleasure. 

    • Organic, full-spectrum CBD oil
    • Plant-based, all-natural
    • Botanical infusion
    • Increase pleasure and arousal with enhanced lubrication
    • No psychoactive effects

    √ C02 Extracted, Full-Spectrum, Organic CBD

    √ USA Grown and Processed Hemp

    √ We’re a Seed-to-Sale Company– Ensuring the Highest Quality

    √ Third-party Lab Tested for Purity and Potency

    √ No Fillers, Additives, Preservatives, or Artificial Ingredients

    √ Vegan and Gluten-free


    * Oil-based lubricant, not suitable with latex condoms

    ** Does not prevent or treat disease

    *** this product is not intended for use as a contraception.





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