• Blue Honey Magic Mushroom: Psilocybe Cubensis ( Full Gram Of Extract )

    Artisanally aged psychedelic honey. Organic, locally and sustainably sourced wildflower honey mixed with our own organically grown magic mushrooms. A sweet way to take your medicine, either as a macro dose or your daily microdose.

    Price: $99

    Type: Honey Magic Mushroom Extracted

    Blue honey (magic mushroom honey)

    One of the sweetest ways to eat magic mushrooms.

    Aged for months, this psychedelic honey is infused with our potent mushrooms. A perfect ratio where you won’t  taste the mushrooms but you will certainly feel their effects. Either take a tablespoon or two for a macrodose, or simply drip a teaspoon or two on to your food or in a smoothly for a microdose. Versatile, organic, and full of love.

    But wait, it’s not actually blue ?

    No, sorry. The term blue honey came from early hippies experimenting with shroom honey. The blue coloring came from the mushrooms breaking down and the psilocybin oxidizing. This actually lowered the potency from what it could be.

    Our method is much more efficient and guarantees full potency preserved in honey lasting for years.

    Available for Mail Order Yes
    Magic Mushroom Strain Psilocybe Cubensis
    Characteristics Organic Honey
    Amount 1 125-mL mason jar
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